Andreoli Restoration


About the Maker

Anthony Andreoli has been creating with his hands for the better part of his lifetime.  As a third generation concrete man, craftsmanship clearly runs through his veins. At the early age of 14, he entered the trades, and the time-honored value of hard work was passed down to him. Over the course of the last twenty years, he has honed his craft into an art form, and turned his rich background into a mastery of skill.  

It started humbly, the way the best things always do. Anthony would craft his first pieces of furniture as a gift to his new bride, and with that—a new world of creativity was unlocked. As his journey unfolded, his hands would be led to a new palette of materials and forms.  Drawn to both the new and repurposed, Anthony has proudly enlisted the weathered and worn, right alongside the brand new. He deftly combines his carpentry, metalwork, and concrete ability to form creations as vivid as his imagination.

Anthony’s furniture making has evolved to include both upscale pieces and furnishings capable of meeting the everyday demands of modern living. This has since been paired with an ever-expanding portfolio of stunning accent pieces and home improvement elements of the highest quality. The likes of which include custom bar tops and counters fashioned from concrete and substantial slabs of sought after woods. It’s also exemplified by intricately formed iron rails and innovative mixed material shelving.  While furnishings are certainly his mainstay, his passions also run toward public art installations and sculptures, of which he has several in place around Cleveland.

Now this experience is paired with the creativity that has always dwelt deep within his soul.  Never afraid to push the limits, he constantly seeks out new ways of using the most unique materials and techniques available.  Wood, metal, or concrete.  New, salvaged, or reimagined.  Every piece, every project is chance to explore the meaning of restoration.